Expressions of interest sought for Artist's Residency in southern Italy

We are looking for expressions of interest from all New Zealand artists who may benefit artistically from an opportunity to spend three months in a fortified hilltop town in southern Italy.

The southern Italian countryside that the famous Italian cinematographer maestro Sergio Leone filmed his triology of Westerns in - A Fistful of dollars, For a few Dollars More and The Good the Bad and the Ugly - forevermore catapulting the largely unknown actor Clint Eastwood to world fame.

The nearby similarly fortified village housed the famous Italian writer/artist Carlo Levy exiled by the Fascists who wrote the renowned anecdotal novel “Christ stopped at Eboli”.

Italy has always been an inspiration for artists. It is no accident that 70% of the total world’s art heritage is in Italy.  

This is an opportunity for a New Zealand artist to develop their art in the country and atmosphere that has produced some of the most famous names in the creative world.

The aim of the residency is to provide a New Zealand artist with comfortable, free accommodation with the use of a studio in tranquil, sunlit surroundings so that they have the opportunity to develop their art whilst promoting New Zealand culture using local media, materials and inspiration and of course a once-in-a-lifetime opportunistic toe-hold into Italy, Europe and the World stage.

The residency covers the costs of return air travel to Italy for the artist and accommodation in Italy for three months. It also includes a one week trip to Rome to visit world class art exhibitions and installations.  The accommodation is suitable for a couple.

The residency is open to all New Zealand visual artists of any age at any stage in their career with a particular emphasis on those artists with Maori culture and its art as their particular emphasis.

How to apply

For more details please email for information and application details to : with ‘Artist residency’ as the heading.

southern italy artist's residence