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Business growth and innovation


ICCNZ can perform a number of very useful business services for companies. Reductions apply for ICCNZ financial Members.

If you would like assistance in any of the services below, please contact us.

Commercial information Local research on commercial reliability of operators
Industrial and commercial cooperation Research for financing assistance and joint ventures on specific projects.
Market research Studies on your products and impact on local market
Meetings, Conferences, Seminars and/or Missions Organisation of meetings with local operators, seminars and/or conferences, and/or Missions
Operator list Brokers, importers, trading companies, potential partners
Market oriented research Selection of potential partners for your product/service
Promotions Trade fairs, trade missions and seminar participation
Technical information Customs rules and tariffs, duties and taxes, import laws
Country specifics Economic structure, import-export rules, investment policy, company law, contract law, distribution channels
Commercial disputes Assistance in the friendly resolution of commercial disputes
Interpreting and Translating Recommended contacts for translation of document and presentations and interpreting services at meetings and presentations
Advertising Advertising of trade requests or offers of goods and services in Chamber publications
Exhibitions and International Trade Missions Participation in local exhibitions and international trade missions