Antonella Lorenzini

Vice President, Auckland


ANTONELLA LORENZINI is a Certified Management Consultant  APCO – ICMCI (License CMC IT058A) and owner and Senior Partner of Cartesio Studio Associato, a Management Consulting firm based in Lucca (Tuscany - Italy).

Cartesio Studio was founded in 1992 merging management consultants long-term experiences in the fields of Integrated management systems of business organization (Quality Management System - ISO 9001, Social Accountability - SA8000, Occupational Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001, Information Security Management - ISO 27001, Environmental Management System -  ISO 14000) with the aim of helping its Clients, public and private Companies, to reach excellence.

Antonella Lorenzini has extensive experience in developing of business strategies in Asia, Latin America and Europe for Internationalization. Antonella Lorenzini was co-founder and coordinator of the franchise model "Gelato Italiano" for the development and penetration of the Chinese market. She was also team members for important projects for relocation, merger & acquisition; transfer of technology for SpA  and SMI of sectors such as food, mechanics, distribution, ICT in the following Countries: China, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Albania.

Cartesio Studio Associato supports the Companies towards internationalization. It helps to build and customize Business Models in the markets of interest. To date it has a long experience in European markets, China, Brazil and from 2013 New Zealand.